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Why feed Hug?

Our pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of goodness. At Hug we only make our Ready Meals using healthy, nourishing and seasonal ingredients. We are passionate about creating delicious, natural recipes, nutritionally tailored to help our pets be happy and healthy.

Proper ingredients​

using only


Delicious, natural recipes



Complete nutrition



Premium meats

With only added seasonal fruit and vegetables, plus essential vitamins and minerals

Nutritionally formulated

Nutrient dense and easy to digest

why our food

High protein

Made only with premium British cuts of meat

Fussy pet approved

Tasty recipes your pet will go wild for

Premium ingredients you can trust

Our pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of goodness, so we make sure we only use healthy and nourishing ingredients. This ensures our recipes are as natural as possible and nutritionally tailored to help give your pet all the vitamin and minerals they need.

Each serving only contains high-quality British meat with seasonal fruit and vegetables. Hug Ready Meals DO NOT contain offal, grains, fillers or preservatives. All recipes are boosted with super minerals and vitamins to support healthy happy pets. Each serving is packed with antioxidants and topped with herbs to aid digestion.

All our ingredients are safe and good enough for us to eat. This means you can safely store Hug Ready Meals in your fridge and freezer.

fresh meal food

Chicken breast


Beef fillet


Salmon fillet


Pork loin

What are ready meals for pets?

We believe pets should eat like we do and to say we are obsessed with quality, is an understatement.

Ready meals for pets are easy to cook, contain only high-quality British meat and seasonal vegetables.

Our ingredients are carefully selected to provide the right combination of vitamins and minerals essential for optimum pet health…

Each ready meal can be cooked from frozen or defrosted in the microwave and served to your pet in a matter of minutes!

Hug Ready Meals DO NO contain offal, grains, fillers or preservatives – just fresh natural ingredients packed full of nutrition to deliver the tastiest, most premium quality daily diet for dogs and cats

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How to cook Hug’s food range

All of Hug’s tasty recipes can be enjoyed warm by pets in a matter of minutes.

Hug can be cooked in the microwave straight from frozen or defrosted first.

Microwave Only

Before cooking, remove cardboard sleeve and pierce film several times. Place carton on microwaveable plate and stir halfway through cooking:

FROZEN 1000w 900w 800w
200g 3 min 30 sec 4 min 15 sec 5min 15 sec
300g 6 min 15 sec 7 min 30 sec 8 min
600g 9 min 30 sec 11min 12 min
DEFROSTED 1000w 900w 800w
200g 1 min 30 sec 3 min 3 min 45 sec
300g 3 min 3 min 30 sec 4 min
600g 5 min 6 min 30 sec 7 min 30 sec

These are the maximum times required to ensure the meat is thoroughly cooked through. Allow to cool before serving.

How to store

Hug pet food is made using premium cuts of British meat and organic seasonal vegetables.

Containing no green tripe, Hug is safe to handle in the kitchen and can be stored in your freezer.

Before cooking for your pet, Hug must be thawed in the fridge for 24 hours and kept cool once defrosted.

The food is safe to keep refrigerated for two days once defrosted or cooked.

How to transition your dog

We know you love your pet, so we want to make sure that the transition to a whole food diet is as smooth as possible.

The time required to switch your pet from commercial food, to Hug’s high-quality fresh ingredients can vary depending on the age and sensitivity of your pet.

However, this process generally takes between 5-10 days and the intended timeframe is a guide:


Day 1 – 3

25% Hug Pet food

75% Current diet


Day 4 – 7

50% Hug Pet food

50% Current diet


Day 8 – 10

75% Hug Pet food

25% Current diet


Day 9

Hug Pet food

For puppies, it is important to make the transition slowly, feeding the recipes for the Hug puppy range only.

A slow transition when changing food helps to avoid digestive upset and will give your dog time to adjust.

To find out how much you need to feed your dog, visit the food calculator page.

How to transition your cat

Your cat’s transition to a whole food diet should be gradual, over a couple of weeks. It’s important to never change their food suddenly, unless this has been advised by your vet – it may upset their stomach.

These timeframes are intended as a guide, you may actually find the transition process takes a little longer over the nine days, especially if your cat is fussy.


Day 1 – 3

25% Hug Pet food

75% Current diet


Day 4 – 7

50% Hug Pet food

50% Current diet


Day 8 – 10

75% Hug Pet food

25% Current diet


Day 9

Hug Pet food

For kittens, we suggest keeping them on the food they are used to while they settle into their new home, before starting to change their food.

If your feline refuses cooked food and does not eat (starves itself), stop the process and speak to your vet about the best course of action moving forwards.

A slow transition when changing food helps to avoid digestive upset and will give your cat time to adjust.

To find out how much you need to feed your cat, visit the food calculator page.

Cold pressed

What is cold pressing?

We know you love your dog, so we want to make sure that the transition to a whole food diet is as smooth as possible.

By using our cold pressed method, the natural ingredients retain all of their flavour, aroma, vitamins and nutritional value which are essential to growth, digestion and good health.

All of the goodness is retained in bite-sized pieces for your pet.

Cold pressing is seen as a simpler alternative to a home-cooked menu, providing your pet with the balanced protein diet they need, without having to prepare food every day.

Our gentle cold pressed dog food is produced at low temperatures, and only puts to work top-notch, natural ingredients that support long-term canine health – no artificial preservatives in sight.

It’s an excellent solution for busy pet parents who want their dog’s food to be healthier, whilst saving time and money or might not have the freezer storage space.

How does this method differ from dry dog food/kibble?

Most commercial dry dog food is made using a process called extrusion. The ingredients are dried and ground, then the dry matter is extruded through nozzles.

The extrusion method uses steam and heats the mixture to high temperatures of over 120oC. After the food has been extruded and formed into kibble, it’s sprayed with fats, oils and vitamins.

Extrusion is efficient and cost-effective for the manufacturer; however, the very high temperatures can reduce the ingredients’ nutritional value, which is why fats and oils are sprayed onto the kibble after its cooked. Vitamins are especially sensitive to being cooked, so the less heat they encounter, the better.

What are the benefits of our cold pressed dog food?

It’s nutritious
& tasty

Our clever cold pressing method uses low tempereratures to ensure Hug recipes retain as much of their nutritional value and tastiness as possible.

It’s stored
at ambient temperature

Cold pressed food can be stored at ambient temperature, so there’s no need to use freezer space. You can store it in your cupboard no problem.

It’s easy
to digest

The natural consistency of cold pressed dog food facillitates easy digestion, making it a high-quality alternative to a raw whole food diet

It contains
real meat

Our cold pressed recipes are made from sustainable meat that is free range, freeze dried and hydrolysed.

Mix it up!

Our food can be fed alongside or as a substitute for raw pet food, ideal if you are going on holiday or staying with friends.

Safety tips for Hug Pet Food: cold pressed

Tip 1

Our cold pressed dog food is cooked gently to kill off bacteria and parasites.

Tip 2

It needs to be stored correctly to prevent any bacterial growth and combat other risks such as mites.

Tip 3

Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and seal the box..

Tip 4

Do not keep the food in an airtight container as this can cause it to ‘sweat’ and prevent proper airflow.

Tip 5

After each use, wash your pet’s bowls, dishes and utensils with soap and hot water, rinse properly and dry before the next use. When using a dishwasher, select a high temperature setting.

Tip 6

Do not leave food down for the day, as this can make it susceptible to bacterial growth.

Bacteria and raw pet
food safety?

Consumers who handle, prepare and cook raw pet food meat in the kitchen could create a potential source of infection.

The legislation for raw pet food safety is stricter than regulations for raw meat found in supermarkets.

Raw pet food companies must send their products off to laboratory for regular testing of Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae including E Coli and Yersinia.

If any traces of Salmonella are found, the entire batch of food must be destroyed. In addition to this, Hug will only tolerate a low level of Enterobacteriaceae.

Freezing, correct handling and storage will reduce risk of contamination. However, freezing does not kill off all species of bacteria.

Buying raw meat that’s fit for human consumption helps ensure that is has low to nonexistent parasite burden. The risk of feeding parasite-contaminated meat is further reduced by freezing to -18c.

If a member of your family (pet or human) is on immune-compromising drugs such as those administered during chemotherapy, you may wish to consider the increased risk when feeding raw.

Using Hug Pet Food’s cookable range, or feeding Hug Pet Food’s cold pressed dog food may be a safer alternative.

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association has provided further information on raw pet food safety. You can download the PDF here.

Standards you can trust

The safety of Hug Pet Food is our top priority. We work hard to ensure our fresh meals are subject to the most stringent raw pet food safety and bacteria protocols in the UK.

We will never release any batches of food that have not been through bacterial testing.

We do not use green tripe in our recipes due to the risks posed by its bacterial content and only use raw ingredients we have thoroughly vetted, with absolute traceability.

All of our meat is human-grade and sourced from trusted, ethical suppliers. Additionally, we source our egg from Norway, which has been free from Salmonella for over 30 years.

We follow excellent HACCP manufacturing controls and carry out DEFRA-approved microbiological testing. Hug Pet Food complies with the Legal Trading Requirement of the APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency), so we abide by all EU and UK laws created to keep food safe.

Our Manufacturing Facilities are registered by DEFRA.

Registered plant No.45/083/8103/ABP/PTF.