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Hug explains… Why ours is (probably) the best veggie dog food. Ever.

Contrary to popular belief, veggie dog food can provide everything your pal needs to thrive – so long as the ingredients used are species-appropriate, rich in nutrients, and of premium quality.

The problem? Most meat-free meals for pooches contain little more than low-grade fibre, fillers, artificial preservatives, and poor-quality supplements. In other words, a bowl full of nothin’.

There’s none of that in our cold pressed veggie dog food, Veggie Veggie Good. We like to think it’s (probably) the best vegetarian option out there.

Truly good ingredients

Maybe you’re considering meat-free Mondays for your pooch. Maybe you want to switch your dog to a 100% vegetarian diet. Either way, feeding veggie dog food doesn’t have to mean nutritional compromise – not with Veggie Veggie Good.

Bursting with bioavailable goodies and gently cold pressed at low temperatures, our natural recipe delivers optimal nutrition to dogs.

Free range egg acts as a potentially novel protein source for hounds with food intolerances. You’ll also find tasty potato (rather than sweet potato shipped from who knows where), peas, spirulina, kale, apple, and pumpkin in the mix.


Prebiotics seaweed, chamomile, and nettle are put to work too, ideal for cultivating a healthy microbiome: the route to settled tums and soothed skin.

In comparison, typical vegetarian dog food is bulked out with cheap carbs such as maize, along with budget supplements – the addition of these supplements helps brands pass the ‘complete pet food’ test.

Ethical veggie dog food

Our veggie dog food isn’t just delicious and nutritious, though.

When we say truly good, we mean it. We’re proud to say Veggie Veggie Good is accredited by the Vegetarian Society.

This means we have passed strict checks to ensure all of our ingredients meet their rigorous welfare standards. For example, we only use free range egg in Veggie Veggie Good (and any other Hug products containing egg), the supplements we include are of plant origin, and we do not allow for any GM ingredients in our recipe.


Although dog food may appear veggie-friendly at first glance, a closer peek at its label might show otherwise. Did you know that some vitamins contain gelatine in their capsules? Also, some fat-soluble vitamins come from an animal source.

It’s always worth looking out for the Vegetarian Society logo, as this lets you know the veggie dog food you’re buying has been properly evaluated.

All of the ingredients in our veggie dog food (and the rest of our range, for that matter) are top-notch, sustainable, and ethically sourced from select suppliers. Better still, it comes in environmentally-friendly packaging.

We reckon your dog will love Veggie Veggie Good. Alfie definitely does…

Alfie and his veggie dog food

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