Sporting dog & puppy food

If you have a sporting dog, puppy, or working hound, you’ll know the physical and mental demands training makes on them. Just as athletes work with nutritionists to perfect a performance-boosting food plan, it’s critical to opt for a diet that properly supports your canine, so they feel their absolute best.

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The makings of a star performer

While genetics play a role in canine performance, the lifestyle your dog leads has a significant impact, too.

Diet – By hitting the right balance of fat, protein, and good carbs, you can transform your sporting dog or puppy into a strong canine, capable of long-distance endurance.

Whether they’re a CaniCross champion, a working dog, or simply a super active hound, feeding complete, species-appropriate meals will fuel their muscles and improve strength, stamina, and recovery time. The opposite effect occurs when dogs are fed over-processed, carb-heavy diets.

Hydration – Hydration is essential, too. It’s surprising how much fluid your dog can lose during a run, so maximising their water intake at the correct intervals helps them deliver the best performance. A raw whole food diet is also around 70% water, so it’s super hydrating – unlike standard pet food.

Rest – Working and sporting puppies and dogs also need recovery periods between activities: these are vital windows during which your canine’s body can replenish electrolytes and amino acids while repairing oxidative stress caused by long-distance running.

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The ideal sporting dog and puppy food

We developed our traditional raw range to meet the needs of the busiest dog, from the working hound to the sports star. Led by science, each meal has been formulated to deliver everything a canine athlete needs for grade A health and performance.

Our carefully selected ingredients include…

Krill powder – A powerhouse ingredient that’s perfectly positioned to meet the physical and mental demands of a high-performance lifestyle.

Krill is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids: these are key for maintaining your dog’s cognitive function and have powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities, making for stronger joints.

It’s also rich in choline: this nutrient plays a pivotal role in the protection and support of canine nervous systems – ideal for fighting the decline of a sporting dog’s mental faculties.

High-quality protein – Our food for active dogs puts to work top notch, ethically sourced muscle meat. We’re talkin’ free range chicken, outdoor reared pork, lamb, and beef – no low standard protein fillers in sight. Premium protein helps build robust muscles and is a natural source of nourishing animal fats, a canine body’s preferred source of energy.

Healing herbs – Our signature mobility blend is excellent for the sporting dog and sporting puppy. A smart mix of British organic herbs for healthy joints, muscles, and injury recovery, it naturally cares for your pal’s body. You’ll find goodies such as wildcrafted Boswellia, rosehip, nettle, chia seed, and celery seed in it.

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Thriving sporting dogs & puppies

We like to think ours is the best food for the working or sporting dog. Each recipe in the traditional raw range is designed to match their unique lifestyle and needs, promoting maximum performance alongside long-term health. Delicious, energising, and totally fresh, what’s not to love?