The Welcome Home One – Puppy


It’s tough moving in with a new family. This handy kit will get your puppy feeling comforted, pampered, and full of vitality in no time.

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While a balanced, natural diet can work wonders for pets’ health and happiness, sometimes extra support is needed – for you and for them. That’s why we created Hug Hero Kits.

Premium pet remedies and products, hand-picked by us.

There are so many factors at play in the wellbeing of pets, from lifestyle and genetics to age and individual circumstances. Each Hug Hero Kit is designed to handle a specific concern or situation, from itchy skin to new home nerves, equipping you with select pet remedies and products. The mission? To help your pal feel their absolute best.

We’ve got this.



This kit contains:

1x Aqueos Antibacterial Wipes (35 wipes)

1x Soopa Chews – papaya (50g)

1x Little Beasts Spritz (250ml)

1x Pet Remedy Bandana – available in small, medium or large

1x Verm-X Original Crunchies (100g)

1x Lucky Duckies Treats (100g)

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