Mobility Blend


A supportive natural blend for healthy joints, muscles, and injury recovery.

70g pot.


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A smart natural blend for healthy joints, muscles, and injury recovery.

Ideal for senior pooches that are becoming less mobile, support for a previous injury, active working dogs, and those that compete in high level sports such as agility, CaniCross, and more.

Stir into raw, moist or home cooked meals or alternatively add a small amount of water and add to dry food.

Due to the nature of the powders they naturally tend to clump, so stir occasionally if necessary.



Organic distilled msm, wildcrafted boswellia, nettle, rosehip, moringa, chia seed, celery seed

Feeding guide

Suggested daily dose:

Small dogs (under 15kg) quarter teaspoon twice a day

Medium dogs (16-35kg) half a teaspoon twice a day

Large dogs (40+kg) one level teaspoon twice a day.

Introduce slowly at half the suggested dose over the space of seven days.

This is a complementary food supplement and should not be used as a replacement for veterinary advice.

If a reaction occurs, discontinue use.


Store in a cool, dry place

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