Feclab – Worm Egg Count Kit


Faecal Egg Count (FEC) is a smart method of determining how many internal parasite eggs exist in a particular poop sample. It may also be possible to identify the different types of worms or other parasites present.

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Including worm egg counts as part of your pet’s worm management program can significantly reduce the number of times you have to resort to chemical worm treatments – this is far better for your pet and far less expensive.

Worm egg counts can also reduce the resistance that develops through the continual use of chemicals, which can make conventional wormers far less effective and increase the worm burden in your pal.

Eblex, Defra, Scops, and the soil association (to name a few), are all talking about the benefits of faecal egg counts – we can ill afford an increase in Anthelmintic resistance. Faecal egg counts are fast becoming the preferred route before worming any animal.

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