Christmas dinner free range turkey with all the trimmings


A delicious mix of free-range turkey with all the trimmings including red cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, and cranberries – ingredients carefully selected to provide the healthiest and most delicious meal full of goodness.

Price includes 6x 300g packs Christmas dinner and delivery so please select free DPD delivery at checkout.

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Your pooch is sure to love our free range turkey dinner with all the trimmings ! We’ve added the seasonal veggies you’ve come to expect on your Christmas plate including sprouts, red cabbage and of course cranberries.

Naturally balanced and full of nutritious goodies too. What better gift for your canine companion.

All HugMyDog meals, including the Christmas Dinner, are delivered frozen and should be stored in the freezer before defrosting for serving. Meals can be served straight from the pack or gently cooked on the stove/in the microwave.

The long-term health benefits of raw pet food are powerful and well-proven. Dogs and cats evolved to thrive on natural whole food diets, which provide proper nutrition and are highly digestible – unlike the standard low-quality pet food options. The thing is, a raw diet isn’t always appropriate for pets. You, a family member, or your pet may have health issues that make a cooked diet the better choice. Your pet may just prefer cooked food over raw alternatives. Our tasty meals are designed to be enjoyed raw or cooked, so no pet misses out on the Hug level of quality. 


Ingredients & analytical values

Turkey 50% (mince, liver), lamb 29% (heart, kidney), seasonal vegetables (sprouts, cranberries (1%) red cabbage, carrots,
parsnips cauliflower 20%), krill 0.3%, seasonal herbs & seeds (parsley, dandelion leaf and root, plantain, kale, moringa,
chlorella, chia seeds, fennel seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil), prebiotics: mannanoligosaccharides (MOS),
fructooligosaccharides (FOS), chicory, vitamins, minerals & trace elements.

Analytical constituents:

Protein 15.3%, fat content 8.4%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 1.5%, moisture 73.6%

Nutritional additives:

Vitamin D3 (3a671-cholecalciferol) 270IU, vitamin E (alphatocopheryl acetate 3a700) 30mg,
thiamine mononitrate (3a821) 1.81mg, riboflavin 1.8mg, vitamin B6 0.6mg, vitamin B12 0.012mg, niacin 4.5mg, calcium-D-pantothenate 4.5mg, folic acid 0.15mg, calcium iodate anhydrous 0.45mg, copper (II) chelate of glycine hydrate (solid) 2.1mg, zinc chelate of glycine hydrate 15mg (solid), manganese chelate of glycine hydrate 1.2mg


Store in the freezer and defrost as needed. Ideally, defrost raw dog food in the fridge as this will limit bacterial growth.

Store raw Hug food at the bottom of the fridge in closed containers. As with any uncooked meat, keep it away from cooked items as well as fresh fruit and veg.

“Use as pet food only. Keep apart from food. Wash hands and clean tools, utensils and surfaces after handling this product.”



Feeding Guide

Work out how much your pet needs using our handy feeding calculator

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