Aqueos Quick Wash


Quick Wash is a no rinse, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal foam dog shampoo.

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It’s great to use after walks, between baths or for disinfecting your pooch’s coat after contact with other dogs or people.

Some hounds are very messy eaters, and, if they have beards, bacteria can build up around their mouth area – Quick Wash allows you to simply and quickly spruce up your dog after they’ve eaten. Useful for dogs who don’t like bathing or are unable to access a bath.

This clever product is also a good deodoriser and is effective against badger and fox smells. It’s non-sticky and has a natural, fresh fragrance.

Simply massage the foam into your dog’s coat and towel off.

Key features

  • No rinse, simply rub the foam in and towel off
  • Use after walks or in between bathing
  • Use for dogs that don’t like baths
  • Dog Groomers can use as a facial wash for pooches
  • Acts against viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Deodorises
  • Alcohol and phenol free
  • Natural, fresh fragrance
  • Non-Sticky


Store away from direct sunlight

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