British Lamb With Grass Fed Beef Adult Dog Food Multipack


A few reasons why our premium whole food is loved by healthy pets: it contains at least 79% ethically sourced cuts of British meat, fresh seasonal vegetables and a dash of organic herbs! And did we mention we remove unnecessary fillers and legumes replacing them with super nutrient-rich Antarctic krill?


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Food Loved by Healthy Happy Pets

Guarantee: your pet will love our high quality ethically sourced meat and fresh seasonal vegetables!

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We understand that it is vital to get your order in time & as quick as possible to make pets happy!

Our complete ready meals deliver single protein recipes featuring seasonal vegetables, only the best cuts of British meat and a special blend of herbs sprinkled on top. This means we ensure all our high-quality cuts of beef, chicken, outdoor reared pork, salmon and venison contain a minimum meat content of 70% and are sustainably and ethically sourced.

Did you also know we’re the only complete ready meal for pets that just needs lightly cooking before being served? Designed to be enjoyed cooked straight from frozen in the microwave or thawed first and cooked gently in a pan, it’s also served in a fully recyclable container. This way no pet misses out on the Hug Pet Food level of quality. Another bonus? There’s no green tripe hidden in our food, which means you can safely store it in your fridge or freezer.

All our meals contain a range of vital added minerals and balanced nutrients including Antarctic krill, the best source of omega-3 which supports optimal brain and joint health. Every high-quality meal is grain, legume and filler-free, containing just premium nourishment. Only the best for your pet, just like you would feed the rest of your family. We use these quality ingredients because we want to harness this appetite for a better product with a completely new way to feed and show love to our dogs and cats.


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