British Lamb With Grass Fed Beef Adult Cat Food Multipack


Our whole food recipes deliver everything your feline needs to thrive. Science-led, super nutritious, and delicious.

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Guarantee: your pet will love our high quality ethically sourced meat and fresh seasonal vegetables!

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Fresh and super tasty, our lamb with beef recipe is naturally packed with nourishing nutrients. Rich in antioxidants, fibre, and prebiotics, seed husks provide nutrition previously foraged for in the wild, joining forces with herbs to cultivate a robust microbiome. Krill oil, the best source of natural vitamins, for healthy brain and joint function, vitamin E reduces cell damage, and taurine protects heart health. Complete, grain free, and contains a carefully developed mix of bioavailable vitamin and mineral supplements.

Better still, we offer the only bone free whole pet food that’s safe to serve raw or cooked. All of our meat comes from suppliers of food fit for human consumption, and there’s no green tripe hidden in our food, which means you can safely store it in your fridge or freezer.

The long-term health benefits of raw pet food are powerful and well-proven. Cats evolved to thrive on natural whole food diets, which deliver proper nutrition and are highly digestible – unlike the standard low-quality pet food options. The thing is, a raw diet isn’t always appropriate for pets. Your pet may just prefer cooked food over raw alternatives. Our tasty meals are designed to be enjoyed raw or cooked, so no pet misses out on the Hug level of quality. 


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