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cold pressed dog food

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cold pressed dog food

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Why buy our Working Dog traditional whole food?

Pre-domestication, canines evolved to thrive on whole foods found in their most natural form – raw animal proteins, including muscle meat, offal, and bone, plus fresh vegetation. This is known as a prey model diet, which is what our traditional raw food for working dogs replicates.
We term prey model diets species-appropriate as they deliver nutrients to your dog in the most bioavailable, easily digestible form. In other words, they properly support canines, so they feel and look their best, making for better behaviour, firmer stools, and long-term health benefits. In some cases, they can also improve chronic health conditions.

Our traditional raw range is designed to cultivate optimal mental and physical health in the busiest dogs. Each recipe is complete, made from fresh, high welfare meat, veggies, herbs, and krill.

Every pooch deserves a premium diet. Whether you choose recipes from our traditional raw, cookable raw or cold pressed ranges, your dog will enjoy the same delicious flavour and the same level of quality

Introducing our incredible raw ingredients

Muscle meat – protein that’s rich in essential amino acids, fats, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as phosphorus.

Bone – the ideal means of balancing the calcium: phosphorus ratio, which is critical for robust long-term health.

Krill powder – one of its many functions is to act as a storage organ, making liver very nutritious. As a result, when fed in small quantities, it perfectly complements a raw diet. Liver also brings vitamins and trace elements such as copper and zinc to the table. Unsurprisingly, the liver is often wild canines’ first choice when hunting and eating large prey

Offal – an excellent source of key vitamins and minerals

British seasonal veggies – provide much-needed fibre and strengthen the microbiome, which is crucial for healthy, happy hounds.

Herbs & botanicals – our Mobility Blend contains organic distilled MSM, wildcrafted Boswellia, nettle, rosehip, moringa, chia seed, and celery seed. Each ingredient was specifically chosen to aid working dogs’ joint health and muscle repair.

Is the traditional raw range only suitable for working dogs?

We developed our traditional raw food for working dogs. However, some dogs leading active lifestyles may benefit from them, too. For advice on the best choice for your pooch, please get in touch with our friendly team.

The benefits of raw food for working dogs


It’s super nutritious

In many pet foods, nutrients are supplemented. In raw pet food, you’ll find goodies such as omega-3, antioxidants, and glucosamine in their natural form. This facilitates absorption in the ratios needed to sustain great health and combat disease.


It’s the opposite of kibble

Processed dog food such as kibble is not species-specific and can trigger nutritional diseases. Prepared at high temperatures, it includes low-grade protein and high levels of preservatives and cereals – ingredients that block the absorption of critical nutrients.


It’s the microbiome’s best friend

Fresh, non-processed raw meals help promote a healthy microbiome, which is the route to strong immune health..


It’s the natural way

Dogs are hard-wired to eat a raw, species-specific diet: food found in their natural environment, pre-domestication.


It’s 70% water

Raw diets are ultra hydrating as they’re around 70% water. Many health conditions are aided by water, and it’s an important nutrient for good cell functioning, too.


It’s seasonal

Raw feeding allows your dog to enjoy whole foods in their seasonal prime, just as they did in the wild.


It’s highly digestible

Raw diets are gentler on your dog’s digestive system and decrease the amount of poop your dog produces. You may find yourself using fewer poo bags on walks

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