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cold pressed dog food

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cold pressed dog food

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Why buy bone-free whole food for dogs & cats?

The long-term health benefits of raw food for dogs and cats are powerful and well-proven. In fact, both species evolved to thrive on natural whole food diets, which deliver optimal nutrition and are highly digestible, unlike standard pet food.

We know raw feeding isn’t right for every owner or pet. That’s why we created the only cookable raw pet food recipes out there – so no dog or cat has to go without.

The recipes in our cookable range are bone free, so they can be served raw or heated, whatever suits you. They’re packed with fresh meat, seasonal British vegetables, and a superfood mix of herbs and seeds, all sourced from hand-picked suppliers.

The long-term health benefits of raw food for dogs and cats are powerful and well-proven. In fact, both species evolved to thrive on natural whole food diets, which deliver optimal nutrition and are highly digestible, unlike standard pet food.

We also offer traditional raw working dog food that has been developed to support active dogs and can only be fed raw. It contains the right balance of meat, bone, offal, and veg you would expect from a top quality working dog food, plus a special blend of herbs and premium krill to support mobility and brain function.

We only ever buy chicken that is free range. Our beef and lamb is high welfare and grass fed, and our pork is outdoor reared. All of our meat comes from suppliers of food fit for human consumption, and there’s no green tripe hidden in our food, which means you can safely store it in your fridge or freezer.

Each meal is complete, grain free, and provides a carefully developed mix of bioavailable vitamin and mineral supplements, along with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Everything your pet needs for balanced, healthy eating.

We believe every pet deserves the best. Whether you select meals from our raw or cold pressed ranges, the level of quality (and tastiness) remains the same.
That’s the Hug way.

Introducing our incredible raw ingredients

Muscle meat – a great source of essential amino acids, fats, and the micronutrients they carry, which include minerals such as phosphorus as well as vitamins.

Heart – made from striated muscle, just like muscle meat, heart also boasts specialised cells that deliver nutrients such as coenzyme Q10 and B vitamins. It’s also a powerful antioxidant and helps maintain stamina during exercise.

Liver – one of its many functions is to act as a storage organ, making liver very nutritious. As a result, when fed in small quantities, it perfectly complements a raw diet. Liver also brings vitamins and trace elements such as copper and zinc to the table. Unsurprisingly, the liver is often wild canines’ first choice when hunting and eating large prey

Kidney – a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. Fed in small quantities, kidney is another ideal accompaniment to raw food for dogs and cats, and contains nutritious iron and protein.

Our bone free, cookable range


It’s the natural choice

A raw diet for dogs and cats is species-spe cific. Pre-domestication, both evolved to function at their best on food found in their natural environment. During domestication, they scavenged on food from human settlements


It’s not processed

Over the last century, processed pet food was developed, which is not species-specific and is known to cause nutritional diseases. It’s cooked at high temperatures, using low-grade protein sources and high levels of cereals and preservatives. These ingredients act as anti-nutrients, interfering with the absorption and digestion of nutrients


It improves the microbiome

Feeding a raw diet ensures every meal delivers optimal nutrition. Whether or not you cook it, non-processed food improves your pet’s microbiome, which is the route to a robust immune system and good health.


It’s packed full of goodness

Raw pet food makes often supplemented nutrients readily available. Goodies such as glucosamine, omega-3, and antioxidants can be absorbed in their natural form, in the ratio necessary to maintain health and


It’s super hydrating

Raw diets for pets are approximately 70% water, an essential nutrient for optimal cell functioning. Better still, many health conditions benefit from the addition of water.


It’s seasonal

What’s not to love about seasonal produce? Raw feeding pets allows them to enjoy whole foods at their peak, as nature’s seasons provide.


& finally, less poop!

An added perk? Raw pet food is highly digestible, reducing the amount of poo your cat or dog passes. When it’s time for your daily walks or trips to the garden together, you might find yourself bringing fewer poop bags along.

Our bone free, cookable range

Raw food for dogs and cats isn’t always appropriate.You, a family member, or your pet may have health issues that make a cooked diet the better choice. Your pet may just prefer cooked food over raw alternatives. Our bone free cookable range for dogs and cats is the first of its kind. It allows for every pet to enjoy the Hug level of quality, as it can be served raw or cooked.

The same brilliant ingredients.
We’re proud to offer the only cookable raw pet range. The ingredients in cooked Hug meals have the same health-boosting qualities as those in our raw food for dogs and cats – the best of the best.

The health benefits of cooked pet food

If you choose recipes from our cookable range for dogs or cats, you can be assured they will still contain all the nutritional benefits found in a whole food diet. Your pet will enjoy the same fresh ingredients, bursting with the same delicious flavour and nutrients we know to be so beneficial to their health.

The most common concern attached to complete raw food for dogs and cats is the presence of bacterial content. This can be reduced by heating meals from our cookable range before serving, allowing you to feed a quality whole food diet regardless of the immune status of your pet or family members.

Cooking food can also increase the palatability of meals, encouraging fussy pets to tuck in.

Preparing healthy homemade food for your pal can be time-consuming.

Hug’s nutritious cookable meals are easy to prepare – you can even cook them in their packaging. All you need to do is heat them in the microwave or oven for up to two minutes.

Alternatively, you can empty Hug food into a pan and cook it on the stove for up to two minutes

Before you let your pet begin their meal, check the temperature of the food is correct, then feed. If you prefer, you can add a little cold water to aid cooling or store in the fridge and serve later

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