Hug Hero Kits

While a balanced, natural diet can work wonders for pets’ health and happiness, sometimes extra support is needed – for you and for them. That’s why we created Hug Hero Kits.

Premium pet remedies and products, hand-picked by us.

There are so many factors at play in the wellbeing of pets, from lifestyle and genetics to age and individual circumstances. Each Hug Hero Kit is designed to handle a specific concern, from itchy skin to new home nerves, equipping you with select pet remedies and products. The mission? To help your pal feel their absolute best.

We’ve got this.

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Meet our team of Heroes...

Hug Hero Kits box

The Welcome Home One
It’s tough moving house, let alone moving in with a new family. Available in two versions, one for puppies and one for kittens, this handy kit will get your new arrival feeling comforted, pampered, and full of vitality in no time.

The Easy Not Breezy One
Stress, anxiety, a sensitive digestive system… all three can wreak havoc on yoxur poor pooch’s tum. This caring kit is dedicated to settling upset stomachs and restoring gut flora.

The Without an Itch One
Life as an itchy dog – or living with one – is no fun. This gentle kit is formulated to soothe and nourish irritated skin. Better still, it makes for a shinier coat, healthier teeth, and a more fragrant canine.

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The So Long, Stress One
Pets can suffer from anxiety, just like us. Available in two versions, one for cats and one for dogs, this restorative kit naturally combats physical and mental symptoms of stress, calming and nourishing your pet inside and out.

The Sports Star One
Ideal for hounds enjoying an ultra active lifestyle, this clever kit works to protect and heal skin, support joints, and keep your furry performer smelling, looking, and feeling five-star great.

The Life in the Old Dog Yet One
Growing old isn’t a walk in the park. This kit is perfect for mature pooches, aiding improved immune health and hygiene while conditioning coats and paws, so your friend feels fresh and revitalised.

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Naturally brilliant pet remedies.

Each Hug Hero Kit has its own unique powers, but they all share the same goal: to improve your pet’s wellbeing through top-tier holistic care.

Premium-quality pet remedies and products sourced from ethical suppliers.

Solutions that naturally support and target specific ailments to help relieve symptoms.

Backed by science and vet approved - every item meets our high standards.

No nasties - gently formulated pet remedies and products that work as nature intended.