Helping your pet reach an ideal weight

Ensuring your pet is not overweight or underweight is vital for its wellbeing. Healthy dogs and cats can maintain adequate calorie intake without eating a load of carbs. In fact, the healthiest food for dogs and cats contains fat and protein rather than carbohydrate, as these are vital sources of macronutrients.

Our pets evolved to thrive best on macronutrients, foraging for them in the wild pre-domestication. This is why natural, whole food diets are classified as ‘species-appropriate’ – and over-processed kibble isn’t. Carbohydrate is inessential, whether or not you opt for a raw pet food diet. Feed your pal carbs in excess, and you’ll find they crave higher quantities of food to gain satiety – a recipe for overweight cats and dogs.

As many of us know, living with a hungry pet isn’t much fun.

Maintaining the correct weight for your pet requires a balance of exercise and nutritious food.

Hungry dog waiting for feeding

Hug’s raw and cold pressed pet food is created with this in mind. Each meal is complete, containing natural whole foods and a carefully developed mix of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Just like people, each pet is unique. Some are naturally lean, and others gain weight easily. Feeding plays a central role in our relationships with pets, so it’s easy to end up overindulging them with treats, or worrying about underfeeding those who are genetically slim.

Managing your pet's weight

Once you’ve established the right weight for your pet and cut out excess carbohydrates, you’ll need to calculate the ideal portion sizes and observe any weight change over the first two weeks, making any necessary changes as you go. Need some advice? That’s what we’re here for.

If your pet is dissatisfied with the portion sizes you set but needs to restrict calories, slowing down the intake and reducing calorie density will help. A slow feeder for dogs or cats can extend mealtimes and help your pet feel more satisfied.

Adding insoluble fibre such as grated veggies and feeding fewer high-calorie pet treats can also do wonders, especially when your dog or cat losing weight is one of your aims.

If you have a lean pet, you can top up their diet with plenty of whole foods, treating them to a little variety along with those much needed extra calories – Hug’s is the healthiest food for dogs and cats, and we have plenty of tasty options available.