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Pancreatitis in dogs and cats is not uncommon, making it a matter of concern for many pet parents. The good news? Should your pet be diagnosed with pancreatitis, there are real steps you can take to support the condition long-term, help ease their discomfort, and reduce the chance of the disease recurring. For advice please get in touch

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What causes pancreatitis in dogs & cats?

The pancreas is responsible for regulating blood sugar and producing enzymes that digest food.

Pancreatitis in dogs and cats occurs when the pancreas becomes inflamed. The disease varies in severity, ranging from chronic pancreatitis – low-level yet persistent inflammation of the pancreas – to acute pancreatitis, which tends to have a sudden onset and could carry significant health risks.

Contributing factors to pancreatitis include genetics, high-fat and high-carb diets, medication, obesity, and endocrine disease. Antioxidants from whole foods may help reduce the inflammation in the pancreas

Symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs & cats

Pancreatitis could have a serious impact on your pet’s health, causing them pain and discomfort. If you spot any of the following symptoms, please consult your vet:

• Lethargy • Vomiting • Diarrhoea • Inappetence (lack of appetite) • Restless activity • Dehydration • A raised back • Painful abdomen

Choosing the best diet for your pet

A balanced whole food diet can act as a powerful preventative measure against pancreatitis. Standard processed and prescription pet foods tend to be high in cheap cereals such as maize and corn, which force the pancreas to work overtime. Low-quality processed diets also tend to lack the nutrients needed for a good microbiome, which is vital for a happy gut.

Healthier & happier with Hug

Feeding a whole food diet is a wonderful alternative to standard and prescription options, as it’s species-specific, highly digestible, and packed with the nutrients needed for a robust microbiome.

We’ve seen how optimal nutrition makes for healthier, happier cats and dogs – that’s why we founded Hug. Our whole food recipes are designed to soothe and support your pet’s immune system – not work against it.

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