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Urinary problems

Dogs and cats with urinary problems can suffer from a variety of issues that are difficult to navigate, requiring time, patience, and careful monitoring. 

The urinary system plays a vital role in your pet’s health and wellbeing, working to detoxify the body, get rid of unwanted waste, and keep the body well hydrated. 

No pet parent wants to see their canine or feline suffer. While genetics predispose some cats and dogs to urinary issues, feeding the best diet can have a significant impact on the health of your pet’s urinary system, acting as a powerful preventative measure against future problems. 

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What causes specific urinary issues to develop?

Urinary tract infections in dogs and cats: these are not uncommon, especially in cats. They can have multiple causes, but diet, as well as medication, play a part in preventing the occurrence of future problems.

Crystals and stones in dogs and cats:  these develop when concentrated urine creates an environment in which specific minerals present in the urine crystalise. If the urine pH becomes alkaline or acidic, this can cause dog or cat urine crystals to form.

Blockages in dogs and cats: in some cases, crystals accumulate together and form small or large stones, which can partially or completely block the urinary tract. In this situation, there is a need for urgent emergency care.

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