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cold pressed dog food

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Common health conditions

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Digestive health issues

Food intolerances

Unfortunately, many pets are afflicted with food allergies – it’s a long-term condition that requires long-term management.

These issues are often triggered by a poor microbiome. Addressing the microbiome and pursuing elimination diets, with our support, can reduce the need for medication and processed prescription diets.

Hug hypoallergenic food for dogs and cats helps your pet avoid common food allergens such as wheat, dairy, chicken, and beef. Our novel protein recipes replace these with healthy alternatives while putting to work prebiotics such as chicory root, which can help reduce the allergic response.


Kidney Disease

Supporting an elderly or poor-functioning kidney through diet can help slow down the rate of kidney disease in cats and dogs.

The kidney requires good quality protein at this time, as well as a wet diet. Water-soluble vitamins need to be added to replace those lost by excess urination.

Adding fibre to aid the reduction of ammonia in the bloodstream will help reduce the workload of the kidney.

(Small Animal Clinical Nutrition)


Liver Disease

Cats and dogs with liver problems need adequate good quality protein (with moderate amounts of fat), as this helps to support the liver.

Whole foods are naturally low in sodium and copper, which should be avoided in excess if your pet suffers from recurrent liver disease. Antioxidants aid in the reduction of liver damage, while feeding supplements can assist in aiding the function of this incredible organ.

(Small Animal Clinical Nutrition)

Orthopaedic support

During growth, your pet’s meals must deliver adequate nutrition with the correct mineral ratios and calorie levels; this helps to ensure the development of healthy bones, along with healthy body weight.

Joint care for dogs and cats remains important after puppyhood and kittenhood. Naturally occurring glucosamine and omega-3 found in Honesty food helps to maintain joint health throughout pets’ lives.

(Small Animal Clinical Nutrition)



A diet adequate in protein and measured in fat can help prevent the reoccurrence of some pancreatitis cases. Antioxidants have been shown to reduce pain during pancreatitis.

(Small Animal Clinical Nutrition)


Urinary problems

Feeding your pet a moist diet helps to prevent the reoccurrence of urinary disease caused by infections or bladder stones, while whole foods can help reduce inflammation and ease symptoms.

Whole food diets are also naturally low in sodium, which helps keep the urine dilute in the bladder, preventing cat or dog urine crystals from reforming. Once your pet is on a natural diet, monitoring urine acidity further reduces the likelihood of urinary issues presenting themselves again.

(Small Animal Clinical Nutrition)


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