Why buy cold pressed dog food?

Our cold pressed dog food is a healthy alternative to a raw food diet for canines.

You, a family member, or your pet may have health issues that make cold pressed dog food the better choice. Your canine might simply prefer dry food, or perhaps you don’t have the storage available to refrigerate or freeze our raw dog food.

Enter Hug’s delicious cold pressed range…

The cold pressing method naturally locks in nutritional value and flavour, making for tasty meals that are easy to digest. Standard dry pet food contains high levels of cheap cereals, and is produced at high temperatures that damage essential nutrients. This results in less wholesome food that is difficult for your pooch to digest, potentially causing issues such as nausea, bloating or flatulence.

Our gentle cold pressed dog food is produced at low temperatures, and only puts to work top-notch, natural ingredients that support long-term canine health – no artificial preservatives in sight.

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The best cold pressed dog food

We don’t want to boast, but our cold pressed maize and wheat free pet food is the best of the best.

In our premium recipes, you’ll only find free range, high welfare meat. All of our meat comes from suppliers of food fit for human consumption, who share our dedication to quality and sustainability.

Pooches dining on our cold pressed food will also enjoy first-rate ingredients such as krill, veggies, and herbs sourced from hand-picked suppliers.

Every canine deserves balanced, wholesome meals. 

Whether you select food from our raw or cold pressed ranges, the level of quality (and tastiness) remains the same, so no dog misses out on Hug excellence.

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Introducing our natural, sustainable ingredients

Proper protein  – you’ll find nutritious goodies such as lamb, chicken, and salmon in our recipes – high-quality protein that delivers the right nutrients to your pooch.

We’re all about science-led support for sensitive dogs, which is why we use clever ingredients such as chicken peptides, lamb digest, and salmon hydrolysate. Naturally broken down by enzymes, they become unrecognisable peptides, aiding easier digestion.

Nourishing fats – our tasty recipes include powerhouses such as krill, lamb lard, salmon oil, and rapeseed oil. They’re an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids – essential for optimal brain development and health.

Rice porridge and oat porridge – by far the best, most suitable carbohydrate for dogs – and how cold pressed food holds its structure.

Green-lipped mussel – a natural supplement that’s excellent for joint health.

Prebiotics – yucca, chicory, rosemary are all fantastic prebiotics. They play a vital role in building a healthy microbiome – ideal for canines with tum trouble, food intolerances, or itchy skin.

Free range eggshell – eggshell powder is a natural source of calcium carbonate, which is wonderful for bone health. Eggshell membrane naturally delivers glycosaminoglycans and proteins, critical for robust joint health and connective tissues.

Apple pomace – aids the breakdown of food in the large intestine, making for a happier microbiome.

Beet pulp – great for the digestive system, it also enables our cold pressed food to keep its form. Win-win.

Pumpkin – helps form solid stools and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Seaweed – a natural source of essential nutrients. Rich in minerals, straight from the sea.

Botanicals- we’ve selected an array of incredible botanical ingredients for our cold pressed recipes.

Your canine will benefit from delights such as sage, lavender, chamomile, nettle, spirulina, marshmallow root, green tea, and aloe vera. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, their soothing superpowers are widely known.

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What are the benefits of our cold pressed dog food?


It's nutritious & tasty

Our clever cold pressing method uses low temperatures to ensure Hug recipes retain as much of their nutritional value and tastiness as possible.


It's stored at ambient temperature

Cold pressed dog food can be stored at ambient temperature, so there's no need to use freezer space. You can store it in your cupboard, no problem.


It's easy to digest

The natural consistency of cold pressed dog food facilitates easy digestion, making it a high-quality alternative to a raw whole food diet.


It contains real meat

Our cold pressed recipes are made from sustainable meat that is free run, freeze dried, and hydrolysed.


Acts like whole food

Hug cold pressed dog food involves minimal processing, unlike standard dry foods. Similar to whole foods, it's easier to break down in the stomach.


Mix it up!

Our range can be fed alongside or as a substitute for raw pet food, ideal if you're going on holiday or staying with friends.

Hug's cold pressed dog food

Hug's cold pressed recipes

Our cold pressed dog food comes in a variety of lip-smacking flavours and sizes. Whether your pooch has itchy skin, a sensitive tum, or is simply in need of a balanced and healthy diet, we offer recipes that are designed to support their needs.