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The connection between pet and pet parent is unique. You become one another’s world, so when you spot an odd display of behaviour, or your vet delivers news you don’t want to hear, it’s hard to stop worry from taking over. While you should always consult a vet before making decisions relating to your pet’s health, Hug’s experts offer holistic advice and guidance you can trust.


There’s a lot of content covering pet health and nutrition on the internet. Sadly, a great deal of it is inaccurate, and it’s easy to come across misleading information.

Our dedicated team of vets, veterinary nurses, and nutritionists have a deep understanding of the impact diet has on pets’ mental and physical wellbeing, in addition to specific medical conditions. Whether you want to take preventative measures or formulate a diet around a diagnosis, we’re here to support you and your pet.

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Every pet deserves a diet that cares for their needs. From soothing itchy skin to treating sensitive tums, Hug’s here to help you find the right food for your pet.

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