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Supporting you & your pet

The connection between pet and pet parent is unique. You become one another’s world, so when you spot an odd display of behaviour, or your vet delivers news you don’t want to hear, it’s hard to stop worry from taking over. While you should always consult a vet before making decisions relating to your pet’s health, Hug’s experts offer holistic advice and guidance you can trust. For advice please get in touch.

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Health advice

Get latest health advice from our team & learn all the benefits of the hug!

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Common Health Conditions

Learn about most common pet’s health conditions and how hug can help!

Pet Boarding

Reaching an Ideal weight

Not sure how to keep or reach your pets ideal weight? We’re here to help!

Why we covering pet health topic?

Pet health by hug

There’s a lot of content covering pet health and nutrition on the internet. Sadly, a great deal of it is inaccurate, and it’s easy to come across misleading information.
Our dedicated team of vets, veterinary nurses, and nutritionists have a deep understanding of the impact diet has on pets’ mental and physical wellbeing, in addition to specific medical conditions. Whether you want to take preventative measures or formulate a diet around a diagnosis, we’re here to support you and your pet

If you’d like help selecting the best food plan for your pet, please get in by clicking on the button below
– you’re in safe hands with Hug.

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Wedding Dogs


No wedding is complete these days unless the family pet has a central role in the celebrations. Being the ring-bearer is an obvious opportunity to

Let's give them the honest, uncompromised goodness!

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Best cold pressed dog food
There’s a lot of content covering Raw Dog Food and Raw cat food and nutrition on the internet. Sadly, a great deal of it is inaccurate, and it’s easy to come across misleading information. Here at Hug we know raw pet food, it’s something we have been offering for over 10 years as a team. Raw Dog food and raw cat food is a diet our pets have been living on for centuries and its in their DNA to enjoy Raw Pet food. Hug Raw Pet food makes this possible with the best cits of meat and prompt UK delivery