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2022 01 13

For a life well fed

Why choose HugMyCat?

There are many reasons to choose HugMyCat – mostly because of the sheer pleasure your cat will get at mealtimes. If our customer feedback is anything to go by, we know that there are a lot of satisfied cats and cat owners out there!

Equally important is that HugMyCat is an uncomplicated range of fresh and natural wholesome food giving you the confidence and satisfaction of knowing you are providing the best diet for your cat, not just for today but for their long-term health and well-being.

Better still, you can serve HugMyCat straight from the pack or lightly cooked

Led by science and approved by vets, HugMyCat is the ideal solution for feeding the best possible diet for your cat.

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Naomi F
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“Zelda - (our maine coon) is a house cat and we needed to know we had the right nourishment for her. Hug were very helpful!”
John D
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“Bertie our semi feral roaming cat is popular at many houses around our road but he ALWAYS come to us at least once a day for his HUG"
John G
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“Our beautiful (and fussy!) Bella the cat has recently been moved to whole food. She absolutely loves Hug Pet Food and there is certainly no hesitation during feeding times now.”
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About HugMyCat

A little bit more info about HugMyCat…

HugMyCat meals provide the nutrients required at all the distinct stages of your cat’s life from kitten to adult. This means the ingredients used are a mixture of the best cuts of meat and offal which provide amino acids, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Whether it’s all-important calcium, the highest quality omega-3 or choline, HugMyCat is there to ensure your cat develops and maintains a healthy body and brain.

Choosing HugMyCat means you are feeding a clean, non-processed diet, comprising only natural ingredients which best maintains the precious microbiome needed to strengthen your cat’s immune system.

HugMyCat Kitten range contains all the same ingredients as HugMyCat but is prepared specially for kittens to enjoy from weaning until their first birthday. Meals that are more finely ground and equally full of goodness – providing the perfect start for kittens as they grow up.

How to use HugMyCat whole food

Our food for cats and kittens is bone free and can be served straight from pack or lightly cooked. Very shortly, the family cat will be queuing up ahead of mealtimes, longing for dinner to be served!

Is your kitten a new arrival? If so, we suggest keeping them on the food they’re used to during the first week, as they need time to acclimatise. Moving home can cause young kittens considerable stress. Cats and kittens can be notoriously picky, so, in some cases, the changeover may take anywhere from one week to three months and longer! For cats, gradually introduce Hug to their current diet, over a period of days and be guided by them. For kittens, once they have settled in, gradually introduce Hug kitten food to their current diet

Please note: don’t let your cat go without food during the transition, keep mixing with their usual food if it takes a little longer for them to adapt.

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Lucky Black cat

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Calico Tabby

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Egyptian Sphinx

Rescue Maine coon cat 1


Rescue cat

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How to store and prepare HugMyCat

  1. Store the food in your own fridge or freezer.
  2. Thaw thoroughly, either in the fridge or at room temperature before serving fresh or lightly cooked.
  3. Once defrosted the food can be stored in a sealed container at the bottom of your fridge for up to 2 days.
  4. Observe good hygiene routines in the kitchen: keep surfaces and utensils used in food preparation and serving washed and disinfected.
  5. Watch our video on the left for cooking instructions!

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Cats thrive on Raw cat food delivered in the UK by Hug pet food. HugMyCat is an uncomplicated range of fresh and natural wholesome fRaw cat food giving you the confidence and satisfaction of knowing you are providing the best Raw diet for your cat, not just for today but for their long-term health and well-being.