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calming herbal blend collage

Hug Loves… Herbs! Dogs with separation anxiety

If you’re a pet parent, you’ve likely heard of separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety become distressed by their owner’s absence within around thirty minutes of departure – often just a few minutes. Hounds typically display this by howling, barking, toileting indoors, or exhibiting other destructive behaviours. One of the primary triggers of the issue is a change in routine. 

The concern of dogs with separation anxiety is a common one. Research suggests that a whopping 8 in 10 canines will find it difficult to cope when left alone. 

This is one of their stories. Meet Betty, an anxious dog who was helped by the calming power of herbs.

Post-lockdown stress

Betty had always suffered from bad separation anxiety, but successive lockdowns only intensified the problem. She became used to having her pet parents around all the time, so when things started opening back up, and they began going out more, she became incredibly stressed.

“We tried everything.”

Different relaxation plug-ins, puzzle toys, Kongs stuffed with tasty treats… Betty’s family tried everything, but nothing was working. 

Having heard a little about herbs’ soothing qualities, they decided to try our Calming Blend, as it was easy to mix in with Betty’s food. 

Within a week, Betty’s temperament started to change. Her owners continued to work on her separation anxiety with a trainer, but the herbal mix seemed to take the edge off. In fact, in combination with the training, it significantly aided in the improvement of Betty’s mental wellbeing. She became a happier, more relaxed pooch. 


Herbs for dogs with separation anxiety

Calming Blend is designed for anxious, excitable, nervous, and reactive canines, including dogs with separation anxiety. 

It puts to work a stress-busting line-up of herbs, botanicals, seeds, and roots: avena sativa, chamomile, lemon balm, vervain, passiflora, marshmallow root, calendula, chia seed, fennel seed, and coconut oil. Each ingredient has been chosen for its ability to calm worried minds and soothe the gut, which can be impacted by upset. 

Betty isn’t the only pooch whose health has been improved by our Calming Blend. 

Ruby, a beautiful red Labrador, is a re-home. She is a very reactive lab, particularly during shooting season, when she becomes extremely jumpy and barky, responding to the slightest sound. Within 2 weeks of taking 1 teaspoon of our Calming Blend per day, her anxiety ramped down, and her demeanour became mellower overall. 

Elder is a Jack Russell. He is 15 years old and blind, so going out for walks can be a little nerve-wracking for him. Taking our Calming Blend makes him less anxious when he’s out and about, which is brilliant to see.


A bit more about Calming Blend ingredients…

Chamomile is an herb with pretty daisy-like flowers, well known for its calming properties. It is antispasmodic in nature and particularly useful in settling digestive upset caused by stress or excitement. Its affinities are very much with the nervous system and the digestive tract. 

Avena sativa are flowering oat tops, picked in what is known as the “milk stage” of growth. It has affinities with the nervous system and is particularly good in the senior or debilitated animal. 

Fennel seed has long been used as a relief from indigestion, bloating and gas and often fennel tea would be offered after a heavy meal. It is also thought to balance the emotions and lift the spirits when feeling down. 

Chia seed are tiny seeds from the Salvia hispanica plant originating from South America and highly prized by the Aztecs. They are high in fibre, making them a valuable addition to improving gut health and rich in the plant form of Omega 3. When the seeds become wet, they form a thick gel, this has a soothing effect on the gut as well as adding bulk to the stools. 

Marshmallow root is traditionally used internally to ease coughs and soothe intestinal complaints. It is particularly gentle to the stomach due to its high mucilage properties. Mucilage is a soluble fibre that traps and absorbs water to form a gel. It is a perfect substitute for Slippery Elm, which has sustainability issues. Used topically, marshmallow root powder is great for drawing out splinters and thorns and as a poultice for boils and abscesses.  

Vervain is useful for calming the excitable individual and in the herbalist Nicholas Culpeper’s book, “The English Physician” vervain was used to treat” over enthusiasm” maybe along the lines of the typical Springer Spaniel!

Lemon Balm is also known as Melissa or affectionately called “bee balm”. It is a beautifully fragrant herb from the mint family with uplifting citrus notes. It is commonly used for anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and easing reflux.  

Passiflora has been traditionally taken to ease nervous tension, anxiety and to assist in getting a good night’s sleep. 

Impressive, right? We bloomin’ love what herbs can do for dogs – not just those with anxiety.

Scoop with herbs

The Topper we put on every raw meal

Our herb toppers, sprinkled on top of every raw Hug meal before despatch, are the perfect daily supplement for your pet. We use two different blends, with carefully selected ingredients:

  • Our cookable raw meals are topped with a naturally healthy mix of parsley, dandelion leaf and root, plantain, kale, moringa, chlorella, chia seeds, fennel seeds, pumpkin seeds, and coconut oil.
  • Our traditional working dog meals come topped with our Mobility Blend – great for active, senior and less mobile dogs. This blend includes organic distilled msm, wildcrafted boswellia, nettle, rosehip, moringa, chia seed and celery seed.

Interested in herbal help for your pal? We’re always here to offer friendly advice and guidance. 

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