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Hug Loves… Herbs! A smelly dog story

There’s nothing like that newborn puppy scent, is there? It’s so fresh and delightful. If you have a smelly dog problem, we’re guessing you often look back on those fragrant days – wistfully. 

The good news? Your home doesn’t have to pong like a dog basket forever.

Many pooches suffer from odour issues, but it’s particularly common amongst seniors. In this post, we tell you the story of how an old, rather whiffy dog was helped by the power of herbs. 

A smelly dog dilemma

This smelly (and absolutely adorable) dog is very close to our hearts; you may even recognise him from a recent post about Vicky, Hug’s creator. Part of her family for nearly 12 years, Rudi never had an odour problem – until last year, when he developed a notable ‘hum’.

It wasn’t his fur: stroking him didn’t result in stinky hands. It wasn’t his breath. He visits the groomer every 6 weeks, so it wasn’t for lack of pampering and shampooing.

A 46kg Labradoodle, he’s a big boy – and that meant a lot of ‘hum’. You could tell he was in the room by the waft alone. Vicky knew something needed to be done, but she couldn’t put her finger on the cause of the ‘hum’.

Rudi, the smelly dog

Herbs for Rudi’s ‘hum’

After talking to our resident expert, Vicky decided to start Rudi on Hug’s Senior Blend. A special mix of herbs, berries, seeds, and roots, it’s formulated to care for the changing needs of mature pooches. 

Within 3 days of giving Rudi the supplement, the ‘hum’ had disappeared. 

Upon consulting our herb lover, we attributed this turnaround to one of the powerhouse ingredients in the blend: milk thistle, which is known for supporting and detoxifying the liver.

Multi-tasking herbal help

In addition to combatting bad smells, our Senior Blend offers a whole host of extra benefits.

It’s packed with goodies such as alfalfa, rose hips, and calendula petals, which are rich in immune-boosting antioxidants. One of these is vitamin C, excellent for cell repair and stronger teeth, bones, and cartilage.

Hawthorn, lemon balm, and psyllium husks aid healthy digestion, while Avena Sativa and hawthorn make for improved heart health. Milk thistle and ashwagandha act as anti-inflammatories, great for seniors with stiff joints and mobility issues. 

Impressive, right? We just love herbs. In fact, we love them so much we created an entire range of premium blends. Take a look…

The Topper we put on EVERY raw meal

A carefully selected blend of parsley, dandelion leaf and root, plantain, kale, moringa, chlorella, chia seeds, fennel seeds, pumpkin seeds, and coconut oil. The perfect daily supplement, we sprinkle it on top of every raw Hug meal

Scoop with herbs
Detox and Calming

Cleansing Detox Blend

A restorative blend of organic herbs, botanicals, seeds, and superfoods, chosen for their cleansing and detoxifying powers. Ideal for dogs with skin issues and chronic health problems.

Calming Blend

This lovely blend puts to work soothing herbs, botanicals, seeds, and roots, to bust stress, calm the mind, and tame upset tummies.

Senior and Gut

Gut Soothing Blend

The ultimate stomach-settling blend. Eases mild intestinal discomfort, reflux, upset tums, and hunger nausea, and provides the gut with extra support. Useful for anxious hounds.

Mobility Blend

A clever blend that’s designed for healthy joints, muscles, and injury recovery. A good match for performance pooches, active working canines, and older, less mobile dogs.

Interested in herbal help for your pal? We’re always here to offer friendly advice and guidance.

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