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Hug Home Comforts: shepherd’s pie for dogs

A hot, scrumptious meal is the ultimate home comfort during colder months. Warm up with our hearty shepherd’s pie for dogs – it’s a hug on a plate.

We’ve tweaked this traditional meal to make it suitable for your furry friends, so they can happily tuck in. Simple and easy to whip up on a chilly day, it’s packed with meat, veggies, and flavour galore – what’s not to love.

Did you know shepherd’s pie was originally invented to use up leftovers? This recipe is the perfect way to get inventive with any extra veggies you have lying around.

Typically shepherd’s pie is made using lamb. However, feel free to make it with any other Hug mince. Pick your pup’s favourite, from chicken to pork!

shepherd's pie for dogs

The ingredients you need

1 pack of Hug mince (we used a pack of our 600g lamb with beef mince)

2 carrots

1/2 butternut squash

1/2 small pumpkin

Optional: sprinkle with one of Hug’s herb blends

shepherd's pie for dogs

Preparing your shepherd’s pie for dogs

Peel and cut the vegetables into chunks, then boil until soft.

While the vegetables are cooking…

Cook the mince until brown. Add a little water to the mince to make a gravy-like sauce – this will help keep the meat moist when in the oven later on.

Once the vegetables are soft, drain (keep some of the water to one side) and mash. Add in a little of the saved water to help soften the mash.

shepherd's pie for dogs

Time to bake

Preheat your oven to 180C

Fill an oven dish halfway with the cooked mince, and make sure to include all those lovely juices.

Next, cover with the mashed vegetables, and run a fork along the top to create ridges – this will give the pie a nice crisp top in the oven.

We sprinkled some of our herb mix over our shepherd’s pie for dogs to give it an extra touch of goodness. (We have a whole range to suit your pooch’s individual needs.)

Bake for 20 minutes or until crisp and golden on top.

Make sure you let the shepherd’s pie cool down before feeding, then serve.

Your pup is going to love it!


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