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Wedding Dogs


No wedding is complete these days unless the family pet has a central role in the celebrations. Being the ring-bearer is an obvious opportunity to involve much-loved dogs.

Successfully delivering the ring at the critical moment in the ceremony can be stressful at the best of times and has the scope for chaos. Not surprisingly there is a whole new business sector, doggy wedding planners, now offering to take the hassle out of ensuring dogs are trained in advance to perform as expected and, at the same time, look wedding fabulous!

According to this week’s Sunday Times there is a growing number of businesses specialising in helping pets look their best for their big role on the big day. Services include baths and blow-dries, personal styling and training to ensure they are prepared to pad down the aisle behind bride and groom and carry the rings.

Additional services also include providing wedding chaperones on hand all day to walk and feed the dogs and then take them home when they are all partied out. 

Some couples have taken this idea to the next level: ribbon on the wedding cars overprinted with paw marks, identical dog-versions of the bridesmaids’ outfits, and specially tailored tuxedos for the boy dogs, as well as elaborate flower-strewn collars and leads. What better Insta-snaps than a gorgeous new bride and groom joined by their perfectly pampered, colour coordinated pooch.

We LOVE this idea at HugMyDog. Afterall, why would you not want to involve your darling dog on your most special of days. Obviously, you don’t want anything to spoil the occasion. How much better to know your pet is being professionally cared for so that everyone can get on and have the most wonderful and memorable time.

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