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cold pressed dog food

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A whole food diet for cats & kittens

Making the switch to a whole food diet for your kitten or cat? As we know, felines can be resistant to change!

If your kitten has just moved in, we recommend keeping them on their current food during the first week, until they acclimatise. Adjusting to a new home can be stressful for a young kitten, and many become picky eaters at this time.

Felines often favour food by texture, so if you’re transitioning your kitten or cat away from dry food, the switch to whole food may take a little longer. They’ll need to get used to eating softer food, and many don’t accept this straight away.

Likewise, in other instances, the shift to a whole food diet for cats or kittens may stretch beyond the nine days we plan for below – it all depends on your pal. If needed, you can start by adding a smaller amount of Hug food to your feline’s usual food, and slowly increase at a pace that suits them.

Transitioning to a whole food diet for cats & kittens

For cats, gradually introduce Hug whole food to your cat’s diet. For kittens, once they’ve settled in, gradually introduce Hug whole food to their current diet.

Hug pet food cat icon 1

Day 1-2
1/4 Hug 3/4 Current diet

Hug Ppet food cat icon 2

Day 3-5
1/2 Hug 1/2 Current diet

Hug Ppet food cat icon 2

Day 6-8
3/4 Hug 1/4 Current diet

Hug Ppet food cat icon 2

Day 9
100% Hug

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We’re proud to offer the best whole food diet for cats & kittens.

When choosing your recipes, we recommend feeding a variety of proteins where possible. Each kind of meat contains different amino acids and therefore presents a different nutritional profile. We offer mixed proteins in both our kitten and adult ranges, ensuring our whole food diet for cats delivers a whole host of nutritional benefits while remaining suitable for specific life stage needs.

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