A cold pressed diet for dogs

Raw dog food isn’t always the right fit for canines. Hug cold pressed wheat and maize free pet food is a great alternative.

Our premium cold-pressed dog food is complete and can provide all the benefits of a natural, nutritionally balanced diet when fed on its own. Alternatively, it can act as a great accompaniment to raw feeding.

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If your puppy is new, we would recommend keeping them on the food they’re used to during the first week, while they settle in. Moving home can be stressful for a young puppy, and many become picky eaters at this time.

Likewise, if your dog has health concerns such as digestive issues, a more gradual transition to the Hug diet may be necessary.

Always ensure your pet has access to fresh, clean drinking water.

Transitioning canines to our wheat free, maize free pet food

For puppies, once they’ve settled in, introduce our cold pressed puppy food to their current diet.
For adult dogs, start by mixing our cold pressed dog food with their current diet.

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Day 1-2

1/4 Hug 3/4 Current diet

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Day 3-5

1/2 Hug 1/2 Current diet

Hug Puppy 2

Day 6-8

3/4 Hug 1/4 Current diet

Happy puppy face

Day 9

100% Hug

Our delicious cold pressed maize free pet food

All of our premium cold pressed recipes are complete. Each one focuses on specific health benefits and incorporates herbal support, so there’s something for every dog.

We offer a variety of different proteins in both our puppy and senior ranges, ensuring our cold pressed wheat and maize free pet food delivers a whole host of nutritional goodies while remaining suitable for specific life stage needs.

Hygiene & storage

keep sealed up

Keep your Hug cold pressed dog food in its box, resealing between use.

Hug Store in cool, dark place

Store the food out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry space.

washing bowl

After each use, wash your pet’s bowl, dishes, and utensils with soap and hot water, rinse properly and dry before the next use.

washing hands

Wash your hands with hot water and soap before and after handling your pet’s food.