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Cooking raw food for puppies & dogs

A raw diet for dogs & puppies

When transitioning to a raw diet for dogs and puppies, a quick switch is often the best option.

Many owners can simply stop feeding the current food and swap it for our complete raw food the following day.

If you have a new puppy, we do recommend keeping them on the food they’re used to during the first week. Moving home can be stressful for a young’un, and many can become picky eaters at this time. It’s best to let them settle before making the transition to raw puppy food.

Likewise, while fresh veggies and raw meat tend to be a hit, some pooches may be resistant to change or have health concerns that need factoring in, such as digestive issues. In cases such as these, we recommend a gradual transition to a raw diet.

If needed, you can begin the transition to raw by cooking our food (if switching to our cookable range), still following the steps we outline below. Once your puppy or dog is on a full Hug diet, you can slowly reduce cooking time over seven days, until you’re serving meals completely raw (this transition may take longer, for some canines).